Tea and cake. And maybe another bit of cake.

I’m pleased to say that I’m a member of #secretpostclub. It’s all down to the lovely Heather Sunderland – it’s her idea you see. What could be more exciting than receiving a parcel in the post every month, from a friendly stranger, filled with lovely goodies just for me!? So all being well, every month, Postie knocks at my door with something exciting for me in his sack. (Oof. No, it’s not that sort of thing! Cuh.) NO, it’s a lovely parcel from a #secretpostclub-ber. As well as getting a super pressie every month, there’s the added bonus of choosing and/or making a present to send to my secretly selected #secretpostclub friend. Double bonus! I love choosing pressies for people. It’s great to imagine their faces when they open their gifts. Like Christmas – every month!:)

Aaaaanyway. A few days ago, postie came a-knocking… and handed me a beautiful parcel of goodies from Ruth Clemens, at The Pink Whisk. She’s not only a lovely secretpostclub-ber but also a contestant on BBC’s The Great British Bake Off. Look, here she is (at 10:11 minutes in).

Imagine how thrilled I was to unwrap this little lot:

secretpostclub tea and cake

A lovely starry cup and saucer (and the red perfectly matches my kitchen! HOW did she know?!), two of the cutest little espresso mugs you’ve ever seen (yes, I know what you’re thinking. They’re crying out for some chocolate mousse. I’ll sort that out ASAP.), a packet of tea – ‘Post Tea’:) and – the piece de resistance – a beautiful home made tea loaf. I might point out that the tea loaf was a lot bigger than the one pictured above. It’s just that we’ve nearly eaten it all! It was delicious – obviously.

And so as I sit here with a cuppa in one hand, and a slice of cake in the other (er, typing with my feet, of course – I’m nothing if not inventive *cough*), I have a huge smile on my face.

Imagine that. The strange sight of a woman sitting by the window, typing with her toes, supping tea and scoffing cake. And grinning. Oh dear.

Anyway. THANK YOU Ruth. This month’s Secret Post Club has gladdened my heart:) x

And also given the neighbours something to gossip about.


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2 responses to “Tea and cake. And maybe another bit of cake.

  1. What a fabulous gift! i love that cup and that cake´looks delish! did you make the mousse?

  2. Oooh brill pressies! It will be my 1st month with the SPC this month, can’t wait:)

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